Parks and Poems

15 Jan

Today hubs and I decided to have a mini-adventure. That’s usually when we get in the car with absolutely no set destination and see where we end up.

First, we went to Home Depot to shop for home improvements (for that house we don’t own… it’s such a fixer-upper). We looked around and dreamt of kitchens and counters, bathrooms and patios. It was fun quizzing the staff about different counters and the energy efficiency of washers and dryers.

After that we headed for a long drive. It was such an awesome day out. It was sunny and cool, just warm enough to not need a sweater. We took the bug and headed out down country roads winding through woods and swamps, past lakes and farms. We rode about 4 towns over to a small artsy Victorian-styled town called Covington where we parked and proceeded to have coffee at a small independent coffee shop called St. John’s. What I love about St. John’s (aside from the awesome art and occasional live performances) is the tea. They have some fantastic loose-leaf teas. They have some awesome baked goods as well. Today I tried a chai spice cupcake. It was good but not amazing.

Once we were well caffeinated we headed out for a long walk around the town. We walked down the old-timey streets past small cafes and art galleries, took a turn down a little residential street and ended up in Bogue Falaya Park. It’s a pretty little place they used to take us during summer camp and on field trips when I was a kid.

Here are some photos we took:

We walked along the water and talked about life and plans and all that good stuff. It was really nice and relaxing. Afterwards, we headed back to the car (the long way).

On the way home we stopped at a thrift store. I picked up some more silverware and a few more mugs. I guess I should explain a little:

I was always plagued growing up by my mother complaining whenever she lost a knife or a fork because (I assume) she’d have to find replacements in the same pattern. So, I decided to solve this issue by never buying more than one of the same pattern. In other words every single piece of my silverware is secondhand and the only one of its pattern in the drawer. When you set the table it actually looks pretty cool (I think). We have a couple different (complete) sets of plates/bowls/etc. so those would be annoying to replace, but I did something similar with my glassware. I love colored cut glass. And there’s tons of it in thrift stores. So, I just pick up those lonely single cups/glasses etc.  The different colors all on the table (the one my apartment is too small for) looks awesome. When we move and I actually have a dining room to take a picture of this all in, I’ll show you. But, until then you’ll just have to imagine.

Also at the thrift store I bought a book. It’s called The Limerick by G. Legman. When I tell you I have never laid my hands on anything so hilarious… I mean it. There are limericks in this book that would immediately turn my blog from it’s beloved PG-13 rating up to R. They’re so funny! I have chosen a couple to share with you. Trust me, they get MUCH worse.

It always delights me at Hanks
To walk up the old river banks.
One time in the grass
I stepped on an ass
And heard a young girl murmer, “Thanks.”

A nudist by name Roger Peet,
Loved to dance in the snow and the sleet,
But one chilly December
He froze every member,
And retired to a monkish retreat.

This book is downright dirty and pays homage to the “bawdy limerick”. I’ll have to get rid of it the moment I have children so I’ll have to read a lot of it first. They are so funny! Some of them downright gross.

But, enough of this horrid inappropriateness.

Since today is almost at an end I’ll skip my traditional to-do list. Instead I’ll write a “have-done” list.


  1. Woke up late
  2. Enjoyed breakfast out
  3. Went for a long drive to nowhere in particular with the windows down, singing all the way while hubs napped
  4. Had a fantastic cup of tea
  5. Went for a long walk through an old town
  6. Stopped to smell the roses
  7. Enjoyed the company of the man I love
  8. Came home and made dinner
  9. Watched tv until we were tired
  10. Now I’m off to bed

Goodnight everyone!


4 Responses to “Parks and Poems”

  1. laughingpromises January 15, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    Sounds like the perfect day!

    And, oh my goodness, I’m excited to know that you are a fellow loose leaf tea drinker! I worked at a tea shop here for a year and became very spoiled. LOVE it!

    Hahahaha that book sounds funny but would probably embarrass me too much to read it! We all have to have our things we do before children, though. I’m thinking about taking a trip somewhere, but I’m not sure if that will happen pre-baby. We’ll see.

    • Ashley January 16, 2012 at 10:12 am #

      Loose leaf tea drinkers unite! I envy you! I worked at a coffee shop for a long while which is where I developed such a strong taste for coffee. We had some lovely teas (they sold the mighty leaf line). But, I didn’t become a tea drinker until well after that.

      I would love to go on a trip, but the funds are not available right now. So yep, we’ll see. 😛

  2. Sajib January 16, 2012 at 6:27 am #

    You are seriously lucky to have such place around yourself. For me, I’d have to spend like more than $100 to get a sight like this in my country. 😦

    • Ashley January 16, 2012 at 10:14 am #

      I do feel very blessed to have a lot of nature around me. I’m not a very good city person. I grew up in the country on a very large wooded lot (40 or so acres) next to some horse farms. I’m very used to wide open spaces. 🙂

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