Cephalopods and Shag Carpet

5 Jan

Yesterday my grandfolks were in town from Wisconsin so my to-do list got kind of abandoned along the wayside of visiting.

This morning I’m feeling crafty. Mostly because yesterday I spent the day seeking out new craft ideas and things to keep me busy.

Fun with cephalopods!

Fun with cephalopods!

This morning I started working on a project that I bought the materials for ages ago and never got around to it. (Do you do that too?) It’s been done by other people for a while now on places like Etsy and the only reason I’m doing it now to just to say that I can and have, I guess. I had an idea for a variation on this project but first thing’s first.

I think usually this is done by either screen printing or using india ink but I went for the good old-fashioned inkjet printer and a magic marker. I know it doesn’t look as good as some others but I’m not out to top anyone, just to have my little “hoorah”. The book is an old poorly cared for scientific encyclopedia volume I found at a thrift store. It was already missing several pages and had some serious water damage to the last 50 or so pages. As I said, I have an idea for a cute variation on this probably now over-done project but it’ll have to wait for now.

Yesterday’s online craft hunt turned up all kinds of goodies. I tweeted most of them but just to get them down in a slightly more permanent fashion here’s the list of my favorites:

Super Solutions

Why didn't I think of that?!

Why didn't I think of that?!

Ok, so this is not really a craft per se. But the list of things to make your life simpler and easier that was featured on The Daily Buzz is so darn useful!

Cover More Ground

Designer Style Rug

If you used "designer" t-shirts would that make this a "designer" rug?

This an awesome rug tutorial from Xoelle (whose blog I love to read!). She’s really fantastic and crafty and tends to go about things kinda in the same way I do… an organized mess. This is an awesome rug that I will totally be making VERY soon. For pretty much the same reason she did, I won’t cry if a baby messes up a rug made of t-shirts.

Grandma’s Old Doily

Doily Lamp

Am I the only one who always sees a stack of old doilies and lace at the thrift store or in the scraps pile at the fabric store? That’s all just dying o be turned into an awesome lampshade! I’d like to tackle this project in my own way, perhaps create a design. This is honestly just too much fun. I had considered doing something similar with colored yarn until I saw this over on Odette New York!

Alright well that’s gonna wrap it up for me today. TTFN my chums!


  1. Work
  2. Drink Coffee
  3. Go to gym
  4. Do some more craftiness
  5. Clean house
  6. Cook dinner
  7. Get some sleep?

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