Eggs and Their Lofty Standards

4 Jan

So my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. Well, moreover, I’m trying to get pregnant and he’s graciously agreed to assist me in the matter. It has me excited. When we were married 2 years ago I stopped taking birth control. (I was never a big fan of it because I have some serious family history of blood clots and it always scared me that all the labels read some warning about clots.) I figured the pregnancy would happen whenever and that it would be ok and awesome that the right sperm met the right egg in just the right time all set in motion by nothing more fate. It was all very romantic. But, totally did not happen. Apparently my eggs are playing hard to get and his sperm just aren’t into the hassle of catty high-maintenance eggs like that. So, now it’s come down to “trying”.

Yesterday I ordered a basal thermometer. I’ve begun charting (sans temperature until it arrives) and even picked up a pack of 20 OPK strips. My husband’s mother said it took her 5 years of trying to get pregnant. Do you know how old I’ll be in 5 years? 30. It’s not that it’s old, it’s not. It’s just that I always wanted to have my kids while I was still of the 20’s nature. My mother waited until her mid-30’s to have children and I understand her reasons I just always wanted them sooner than later. Better late than never mind you, but that’s totally not plan A (well, I guess letting it happen on its own was plan A so this is plan B…or Plan A v2.0).

To save you all the gruesome details of my monthly cycle I’ll just tell you that we’re still in the early days and I’m anxiously awaiting day 7 which is when I’ll begin testing with the OPK strips (I figure no point in testing all month since it’s likely that I can somewhat predict at least around when ovulation should be). They say that even when you get it right though there’s only a 20% chance of makin’ a baby. I prefer better odds but it just means we have to throw the dice as often as possible (within the whole once a day parameter… the metaphor isn’t perfect, but you get it, right?).

Until then I’ve had babies on the brain. I’ve window shopped for everything from cribs to lullaby CD’s! I’ve been carefully molding my names list for boys and girls, collecting tips and info from mommies with newborns like how to save on baby clothes, trying to put some money away to help pay for the inevitable hospital bills (we don’t have insurance… that worries me a lot) and trying to repair my credit a little at the same time. The waiting and the anticipation is driving me somewhat batty.

As for now, the day must go on.


  1. Work! (It’s also Hub’s first day of work at his new job! Yay!)
  2. Clean house
  3. Drink coffee
  4. Go to gym
  5. Bathe Dog
  6. Cook dinner (gotta think of something to make with leftover chicken…)
  7. Try to finish Portal 2 (maybe just a couple tests… I’m in what has got to be the last chapter)
  8. Maybe get some sleep?


2 Responses to “Eggs and Their Lofty Standards”

  1. laughingpromises January 14, 2012 at 12:40 am #

    I was on the pill for a little while when we first got married, but went off of it after about a year. I haven’t gotten pregnant, either, but we’ve used some contraception (although I still had hope that it would just happen). I’m excited to start ttc in just a few short months and am working on losing weight until then so that my body is all ready for baby. Hoping I don’t have any issues, but we’ll see! Love your blog.

    • Ashley January 15, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

      I’m so excited for you (for us both really!). Here’s hoping we both get preggers real fast! LOL

      I was on a fantastic meal replacement diet. I’ll restarting it soon as I’ve got like 100lbs to lose. Maybe I’ll blog about my frustration of having no real food!

      I’m so glad you stopped by! I adore your blog as well. I’ll be reading ;D

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